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    Tutorials- Object Creation & Modification

    Renderware Object Creation-

    Grover's Renderware Walk-Thru Part 1 - " This tutorial is meant to help you learn the basics of Renderware, so that  you can create simple shapes." Grover's site is the first place to stop in learning rwx object making. You start by making a simple cube.

    Grover's Renderware Walk-Thru Part 2 - "This portion of the Renderware Walk-Through will explain Transformations,
    including Translate, Rotate and Scale. It will also cover Prototyping and clumps."

    Grover's Avatar Tutorial -  " The purpose of this walk-through is to teach Active Worlds’ users the basics of making avatars for use with Active Worlds."

    HenrikG's Texture Tutorial -   The first place to stop in learning, step by step, how to apply textures to your object.

    Eep's Creating Renderware Objects for use in AW - This is the most comprehensive, information filled site for rwx. It is fully searchable and  includes information about rwx measurements, terminology/script commands,  renderware scripting, avatars and so much more. The site also includes links to rwx  programs and gives information about them. A site you definately want to bookmark. 

    Renderware Object Creation Resource Center - "These pages will be devoted to covering various topics which deal with the creation of objects for use within Active Worlds. This is an ongoing project and will continue to be updated and added to as time goes on."

    Andras's RenderWare 2.1 Documentation - All the rwx script commands. (No frames site

    Renderware Transformations - Andras explains the very complex transformation process and provides the matrix for the calculations. Not a page for rwx beginners.

    Dataman's Making RWX Models for Active Worlds - Step by Step info on making basic objects. Also includes info on using TrueSpace ( before cob support was added to AW ) and more.

    How to create animated JPG filmstrips in Active Worlds - Step by Step instructions from Dthknight1.

    Magines RWX Tutorials - Logs of her rwx classes she taught in AWU. Also her Intro to RWX Modeling - Example Scripts used in her classes. Several pages of example scripts and instructions, several using primitives, hierarchy, facers, and advanced transform techniques.

    AccuTrans - I placed this here because the help files for rwx contains information for creating the needed hierarchy for avatars. This is the also only place I know at the moment where you can find the tag and LF names. The latest version also includes the information for using it to create animations ( seqs) for your avatars.

    DEM 2 RWX Tutorial - IngieBee has created a great step by step tutorial for Andras's program. Dem2rwx is a program that will create modular ground for your world from dem and other terrain formats. You can control the height of the ground, textures, and easily add objects like trees or rocks. You can get dem2rwx free here.

    Mauz's Hagviewer tutorial - Very detailed information with screenshots. Includes an introduction, installing, basic use, and command reference info. 

    Mauz's RWXMOD tutorial - Detailed information with screenshots. Recently updated. Includes an introduction, installing, viewing a model, ways to optimize your files, rwx saving format and command reference info. 

    XelaG's 3D Cartesian Coordinate tutorial - XelaG explains the cartesian coordinate system and how it applies to several 3D modeling formats. 

    TrueSpace Object Creation -

    MoonMan's trueSpace tutorials- Actually a links page to several  TS tutorials and everything TS including: Books, 2D Plugins, 3D Plugins,  MLBs & Shaders, Python Scripts, tSX Builders, Helper Apps, & Hardware & Drivers.

    Hamfon's Cob Avatar - Zip file with step by step instructions on how to create your cob avatar from scratch. It  explains how to use the key frame editor to group your parts,  basic naming format, and how to set the joints. It includes an avatar (3 files) in various stages of the process so you can check your work. Requires TS 3.1 or above. 

    COBDump3 trueSpace file converter for ActiveWorlds Version 3 ( BETA!) - This page contains information on how to create your cob avatar and animation seq files for AW version 3.0 using TrueSpace. There's also several example files included in the program. 

    AW's Cob support help file - Contains basic information on how to use TrueSpace to create avatars, shading, textures, scaling and special objects like pictures, signs and facers.

    Robbies TS4 Tutorials - Robbie covers the basics of TrueSpace 4 including textures, shading, masking, object making, advanced techniques, converting and much much more. A must look if you're wanting to learn TS4 to make objects for AW.

    LightWave Object Creation -

    Leftover's Small LightWave modeling tutorial - Detailed description of how to make a low resolution 3d avatar leg using the spline tool in LightWave 3D. This tutorial could also apply to making other avatar limbs.

    Texture Making

    Paint Shop Pro 5 & 6 tutorials - Lots and lots of tutorials in several different languages too! Many of the tutorials for making seamless backgrounds can be followed for creating seamless textures for AW objects. The transparent gifs creation section can be used to make the starters for your masked objects (sprites).

    Utilities, Tools& Bots

    Ananas's Free ActiveWorld Tools -  Several small utilities and tools including; probdump checker, program to visit many universes with the same browser, avatar.dat editor, batch rwx manipulator & others. 

    Andras's Tools Page - Lots of tools for making object creation and world ownership easier including; registry editors, world generator, object scaling, texture renaming, vert/poly reduction, mass zip and unzip program and much more.

    XelaG's seq file viewer - A utility for viewing seq files. Also contains dome detailed infomation about seqs and joint names.

    Hamfon's AWU Bot Classes- Hamfon has made his classes into web pages. Topics include : AWTech04 - Introduction to Bots, AWTech05 -Intermediate Bots, and AWTech06 - Advanced Bots - Building.

    MRGrimms VB Wrapper - Visual Basic wrapper for the AW SDK. The site contains a forum, downloads, extensive help information, tutorials and more.

    Magines Freeware - AWScoreboard 1.3 & 3.0, Texturemapper, Worldmapper 1.10, RWXLint 1.05, Filmstripmaker 0.0a, & Colorpicker. 

    (Check links page for more bots. Most of the sites contain the instructions for each bot)

    World Owners- Set up Information & Tips

    Mauz's Active Worlds Pages: Running a World -  Everything you need to know to install and set up your world including : Installing the world server, the object server set up, running your world, world options and  much more. Lots of great links too.

    ROC's Object path help files - Step by step information on how to set up all your worlds folders on the web.

    Registry 101 - Click the link to download the txt version ( it's zipped)of this conversation. Andras posted this information in a newsgroup. It's a conversation between him and another citizen explaining how to create your object registry. Lots of great info!

    Object Path Help Files - Rypp explains the 5 world server folders , how to set them up, what to put where, and general help info for each folder.

    Help With AW - Rixen explains the AW in world building commands including animates, astart and astop commands with examples. He also has a tutorial for creating a sliding door in AW. His site also includes an AW dictionary.

    Chandlers Help site- Sections on preparing files for uploading, using FTP programs and also using the objects with in a virtual world are included. Link on the page to Help Section.

    TacoGuy's 14 AW Tutorials - Information on sound in AW, building tips, avatars.dat info, frames rates, backups and more.

    TacoGuys Migrating from trial to purchased world - Tacoguy explains the ins and outs of taking the next step in purchasing a world. He includes details on pricing and the details on using bots to migrate your trial world.






    For the Graphics, here is some Tutorials I Learn off from


    Bounceing Text Tutorial   

    Adding Images to Another

    Adding Glitter to a Image

    Rain Ripples Turorial

    Adding Sparkles to a Image

    Tips & Tricks for psp


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