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 Rain & ripples tutorial  
 Hi dear friends:
This is an easy tutorial to do nice rain , snow  or other weather aniomations with the nice program Sqirlz Reflect. Youīll have a nice image but it has a big weight.. Iīll tell you how to low the weight using Animation Shop after you get your animatin on Sqirlz Reflect.
I will upload the Program to You Sen It and To Send Space for you to download
This is what are we going to do:
1. Install Sqirlz .. ItīS a little and nice programe
2 .- Open sqirlz and go to  Filoe ... And Opne an image you want to use ( of course it has to be an image of a rainny day or with water
Start making a selection  with this tool 
You have to select the part where you want the effect :-)
Look at my selection:
4.- Now I want to make rain and ripples on the water
5.- Go to this ( look at the mouse arrow  in the shot ) and a window opens and you have to check Rain/ snow and Ring Ripples- after this.. Click OK
6.- Now you are going to see your animation. Click on this yellow arrw and wait just a little time.
 7. - You see your animation now.. Youīll see that rain is strong .. Or may be you donīt like how it looks. We are going to correct the rain or the ripples size
Here you see the rain do not looks nice..:
8.- Go to REFLECT OPTIONS and click on Customize Rain/Snow
A window opens and we can paly with settings
 I will do rain thiner and Iīll change the angle of the rain:
Look at my settings and if you liked how my animation looks use thiese setting - Here you can play as your likes. I liked a smooth rain and with drops water transparency:
Now It looks like this:
9.- You can use another settings , also you can play with other ripples settigs to make them small or larger .-
I liked how ripples were and didnīt make changes:
A windows opens and you save the animation..click on OK .. It will take a few seconds to get the animation:
Youīll see itīS a big file in weight:
We īll reduce this file:
11.- Open the animation in Animation Shop
Youīī see we have 20 frames in the animation:
Go to  Edit - Select all and after this go to - Animation - Cull animation
12.- A little window opens and you put the frames you want to take off.. .- It will take off 1  frame per 3 frames.. Click ok!
13.- Repeat Step 12 .. Six or seven times-- you have to get just  4 frames , may be you want 3 frames.. Donīt forget to do Edit - Select all--
I made my animation with 4 frames.-
Now we are going to change the animation frame properties.. To have a nice rain and ripples .-)
You have to go to Edit  - Select all ( this step selct all the frames)
Then go to - Animation - Frame properties
A window opens and select the  properties
I used this settings:
ItīS done- we have our nice rain and ripples!!
15 - I f you want to put a frame to the animation.. You can do this:
Look the dimension of your animation frame:- Mine was 504 x 378
Go to PSP and open a new transparent  image  504 x 370
I made this frame.. Do not do a big frame because it will do the animation more weight..
Save the frame as gif or jpg
And open the frame in Animation Shop
16. Now DUPLICATE THE FRAME 3 TIMES . You have now 4 frames - 
Go to your  rain and ripples animation and  Select  all frames -
Go to your frame and Select all frames and now Insert the Rain & ripples on the Frame:
Youīll have the animation that is on the top of this Tutorial
After this you do a nice stationery and show us how your animation looks :-))
I HOPE YOU ENJOY THIS PROGRAME AND THE TUTORIAL.. I think itīS a nice rainny animation and very easy to do!!!