Using Glitters Fills


This tutorial was created in PSP 7, but can be done in PSP 8 or 9

Save this graphic to your hard drive.




1 - Open Glitter in Animation Shop.
2 - Highlight all frames. (Edit/Select All)
3 -File/Export Frames/ToPaintShopPro
4 - Switch to PSP.
Note this image has three layers.
5 - Open the image you want to use the glitter on or use the one I did.
6 - Using your magic wand, highlight the areas you want to add the glitter to, Or use your lasso tool to outline the areas you want glittered.
7 - Hold down your shift key and select all the areas you want.
8 - Layers/Duplicate to make as many copies as you have frames of glitter.
My glitter had 3 frames so I have 3 layers of my image.  The ants will be around the area on all copies.  Do not remove them.
9 - Flood layer 1 with layer 1 of the glitter, layer 2 of the image with layer 2 of the glitter and layer 3 of the image with layer 3 of the glitter.  Save as a pspimage.
10 - Return to AS.  You can close the glitter that is open there.  If it asks about updating the file in AS click no. 
11 - File/Open your pspimage..
12 - Open Wizard
13 - Follow the screens as follows:  Same size as image first frame, Next; Transparent, White; Next; Centered in the Frame, With the canvas color, Next; Yes, repeat the animation indefinitely, 20, Next,  Add your images Choose your pspimage, Next; Finish
14 - View your animation. If you are happy with it save it as gif.

15 - Choose quality all the way up.
16 - Continue to click next until you see the size of the image.  If it is really large click back until your get to the quality screen.  Slide that down about midway and continue.