Adding Sparkles to a Image



For this tutorial you will need a graphic/tag of your choice -ready made.

A sparkle tube of your choice-these are available on many psp websites

Once you have the tag you wish to use and a sparkle tube then lets begin!

Open up the image in psp.
Add your name to it as a new layer then merge visible.
Duplicate this layer now until you have 3 copies of it.
X out layers 2 and 3
Highlight layer 1 as this is the layer you will be working on at first.
Now select your tube tool.
Locate your sparkle.
Chose the size you want for it.
I kept mine at Scale 100 and step at 200
Now using your sparkle tool add a few sparkles to layer 1.
I have put mine in each pf the 4 corners.
Now X out layer 1 and un x layer 2-We will now be working on this layer.
Again add a few sparkles to this layer.
I added mine to the middle of each of the corners (if that makes sense!)
X out this layer then highlight layer 3 and un X it.
Now add a few more sparkles where ever you chose.
Un X all layers.
Then save as a psp format file.
Open up animation shop.
Open up your image in there now.
Go to
View animation.
If your happy with the sparkle speed save now.
If not go to.
Select all.
Frame properties and increase the number on the box.
The higher the number the slower it will sparkle.
I changed my sparkle speed to 20.
Once you have that how you want it save and your done!